Joy, sadness, anger, love, hope, suffering. We live our lives with so many feelings.
When I look at animals, I always wonder if they have the same feeling as ours.

This curiosity makes me paint animals rather than people.
I use "sumi"(Chinese ink) because I believe it still has potential of expression.
Sumi has a particular warmth and the brush strokes a unique expressiveness.

Monochromatic”sumi” gives a singular richness of tone, that there are no two just like our feelings.
I've tried to express those sensitive moves through each animal's activities.


Shusaku Sato was born in Tokyo in 1985.
He majored in oil paintings at Nihon University.
What fascinated him was wild toughness of animals, as well as their human-like expression and behavior.
Then he turned from oil paintings to Sumie (ink brush painting), as he saw massive potential in shading and bleeding effects of brush strokes.

Expressing the simple and forcible thought to which a living thing has "sumi" and an "animal" in a motif.
After graduation he is being continued besides being the owner of “enyen”, a gallery café bar in Azabu-juban, Tokyo.

Prior to this private exhibition, he held his last solo exhibition “Mitsumeru 2007-2013” at enyen, in January 2014.

Solo exhibitions
  • 2014
    Mitsumeru 2007-2013-(Tokyo)
  • 2013
  • 2011
Selected group exhibitions
  • 2013
    Donkey museum 2013-(Tokyo)
  • 2012
    The 5th 100 Artist Exhibition
    BLACK & WHITE (NY Brooklyn)
    ART×WEB Exhibition -(Tokyo)
  • 2011
    ARTLABO X -(Tokyo)
    Azabujuban Gallery publicly-sponsored exhibition -(Tokyo)
    Charity Exhibition for 3.11-(Tokyo)
  • 2010
    AYokohama virgin festa 2010- (Yokohama)
  • 2009
    “The Panda" – collaboration-with Hoku Iida and Shusaku Sato - (Tokyo)